This article explains what Celluma Light Therapy is, the benefits and side effects associated with using a low-level therapy device, and some lower-cost alternatives to Celluma.

Should You Try LED Celluma Light Therapy?

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Celluma light therapy and LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy in general, is a non-invasive treatment that enters the skin’s layers to improve the skin.

Originally, LED light therapy was developed to help with skincare by reducing inflammation and promoting anti-aging effects. In the 1990s NASA research found that this same technology could also be useful for helping cells and tissues grow, which then led to LED light therapy being studied as a way to promote wound healing in astronauts.

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Celluma Light Therapy

Celluma is a specific brand of light therapy devices. The company produces a range of handheld and larger panel devices, all of which emit LED light. The application of specific wavelengths of light energy to the skin has a variety of benefits.

Celluma devices are cleared by the FDA for use in treating wrinkles, temporary muscle and joint pain relief, and temporarily increasing local blood circulation. The company also claims that its devices can help with cellulite, although this is not an FDA-cleared indication.

If you are interested in trying light therapy, Celluma offers a range of devices that can be used at home or in a professional setting. You can also find many other brands of light therapy devices on the market, although Celluma is one of the most popular choices.

This article explains what Celluma Light Therapy is, the benefits and side effects associated with using a low-level therapy device, and some lower-cost alternatives to Celluma.

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What is Celluma Light Therapy?

Celluma LED light therapy is a non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to target different skin concerns.

Light therapy works by emitting photons, or particles of light, into the deeper layers of the skin. These photons are absorbed by cells that then convert them into ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the energy that cells use to function. The increase in ATP production caused by light therapy leads to a number of positive effects, including:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased collagen production
  • Stimulated wound healing
  • Improved acne (existing blemishes and future breakouts)
  • Radiant complexion
  • Reduces wrinkles

Celluma’s low-level light therapy devices are said to be effective for a number of skin concerns, including acne, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation issues, and temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Light therapy is a relatively new treatment modality, and there is still much research to be done on its efficacy. However, there is some evidence to suggest that Celluma light therapy can be an effective treatment for certain skin concerns.

Light therapy can also help with pain management as it can reduce inflammation in muscles and joints.

Blue light is primarily used to treat acne, while red light is most often used to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone and elastin production.

Near-infrared light energy has been shown to increase collagen production and cell turnover, while yellow light can help to decrease inflammation, ease muscle pain, and improve joint pain.

Celluma LED light therapy is a safe and effective treatment that can be used to improve a variety of skin concerns.

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How does Celluma LED light therapy work, and is it safe to use?

Celluma LED light therapy is an FDA-cleared treatment that uses therapeutic doses of visible light to improve cellular health.

The therapeutic benefits of LED light therapy are well documented, and recent studies have shown that it can be an effective treatment for a variety of conditions, including wrinkles, acne, and joint pain.

At a cellular level, LED light therapy works by stimulating the production of ATP in tissue cells. ATP is the energy molecule that cells use to perform all their functions, and an increase in ATP production leads to a variety of beneficial effects, including increased collagen production, reduced inflammation, and improved circulation.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of this therapy, some people have found relief from neck pain, pain from an ankle sprain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other joint and muscle pain.

One of the major benefits of light therapy is that it is non-invasive and does not require any recovery time. This makes it an ideal treatment for those who want to improve their skin without having to take time off from their busy lives.

LED light therapy is safe to use and has no known side effects. It is an effective, non-invasive way to improve your overall health and well-being.

Is Celluma the Same as Red Light Therapy?

Some Celluma devices use red light therapy. Others include blue and infrared lights.

With the exception of the Celluma CLEAR (emits blue and red only) for treating acne, all Celluma devices are polychromatic and deliver blue (465nm), red (640nm), and infrared (880nm) light energy simultaneously to safely treat skin, pain, and hair loss easily and affordably, both in a professional setting and at home.

Who can benefit from Celluma LED light therapy treatments, and how often should they be done for the best results?

Celluma LED light therapy is a safe and effective way to treat a variety of skin concerns.

The acne-reducing properties of blue light help to kill acne-causing bacteria for teen or adult acne, while the red and infrared light wavelengths help to promote healing and stimulate collagen production. As a result, Celluma LED light therapy can be used to improve the appearance of acne, wrinkles, and sun damage.

The number of treatments (application of light energy) required will vary depending on the individual’s skin type and condition. However, most people see the best results with 2-3 treatments per week for 4-6 weeks. After that, maintenance treatments can be done as needed.

Celluma Light Therapy has been cleared by the FDA to treat:

  • Arthritic Pain
  • Full Facial/Periorbital Wrinkles
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Muscle Tissue Tension
  • Muscle & Joint Stiffness
  • Diminished Local Circulation
  • Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris
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What are the side effects of using Celluma LED light therapy, if any, and are they worth the potential benefits?

While there are many potential benefits of LED light therapy, such as reduced inflammation and increased collagen production, there are also some potential side effects to be aware of.

The most common side effect of LED light therapy is mild redness or irritation, which typically subsides within a few hours.

Some people may also experience temporary changes in skin pigmentation. This is typically a concern for those with dark skin tones.

Overall, the potential side effects of LED light therapy are relatively mild and should not deter people from experiencing the potential benefits of this popular skincare treatment.

At-Home Celluma Light Therapy

You can visit a spa, salon, or dermatologist to undergo these light-emitting diodes, but you don’t need an expert in the medical fields to experience the benefits of light therapy.

Celluma and other light therapy devices with the most commonly used wavelengths can be purchased for home use. You can attack acne bacteria, induce tissue repair, and reduce the appearance of fine lines… and it’s all available today for home use.

A More Affordable Option to Celluma Light Therapy

The Celluma light therapy machines are pricey. If you want to get similar results at a lower price point, there are other options for a low-level light therapy device.

 Exesas 7 Color-Mix LED Light Therapy Device

Exesas 7 Color-Mix LED Light Therapy Device utilizes state-of-the-art technology used by today’s leading spa and beauty salon professionals. This drug-free light therapy device helps with skincare, beautiful smooth skin, anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, weight loss, well-being, pain relief, and overall wellness.

It has Red 640nm, Blue 423nm, Yellow 583nm & 4 Color-Mixes. Each light can be used on its own or all color lights can be turned on at the same time. 573 upgraded LED lights: Output Power 36W. 1-year warranty. See more on Amazon.

Hydraskincare PDT LED Light Photon Facial Mask

Hydraskincare PDT LED Light Photon Facial Mask is FDA certified and has a total of 906 lamp beads, 292 red, 292 yellow, 262 blue, and 60 infrared. Red Light: 640nm (Red Wavelength) .Blue Light: 423nm (Purple Wavelength).Yellow Light: 583nm (Yellow Wavelength).Infrared Light:810nm. (The light spot is invisible).

The blue light targets acne-causing bacteria and when combined with the red light, can increase skin elasticity and improve circulation and stimulates collagen production which smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. The red light has been helpful with easing muscle pain and general pain relief.

1-year warranty, guaranteed strong light and results. This low-level light therapy device has great reviews. See more on Amazon.

Dermal Tech 7in1 LED Skincare Set - Flexible Red Light Therapy Lamp

Dermal Tech 7in1 LED Skincare Set – Flexible Red Light Therapy Lamp comes with two devices (a large, flexible panel and a facial wand) and seven dermatological treatments so there are a variety of applications:

  • microcurrent
  • red light
  • blue light
  • yellow sunlight therapy
  • facial massage
  • facial deep cleaning
  • therapeutic light and warmth for healthier, smoother, softer, rejuvenated skin.

Some reviewers have technical problems but others love it. See more on Amazon.


Overall, Celluma LED light therapy is a safe and effective treatment that can offer many benefits to those who use it. It may be especially helpful for people who suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, or other conditions that respond well to light therapy treatments.

While there may be some minor side effects associated with its use, they are generally mild and worth the potential benefits for most people.

If you are considering using Celluma LED light therapy to improve your health, speak with your doctor to see if it is right for you.