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New Moon Rituals For Beginners and Experts

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I like keeping track of, and honoring, cycles – from seasonal transitions to sunrises and sunsets. Each month, sometimes twice a month, we get to celebrate the new moon. It’s a time of beginnings. I hope these new moon rituals for beginners and moon phase experts helps you find ways to take advantage of this monthly re-start.

I also wrote about Full Moon Rituals, which you can use at the other end of this lunar cycle.

The new moon occurs when the moon is between Earth and the sun, and the side of the moon facing us receives no direct sunlight; it is lit only by dim sunlight reflected from Earth.

New Moon Rituals For Beginners

What Does the New Moon Mean Spiritually or Energetically? 

The new moon is a time to set intentions, whereas the full moon is the time to reap the rewards.

A new moon may not always be visible to an unaided eye, but it still radiates enough energy to keep people fascinated. For many, this auspicious occasion represents a fresh beginning to set new goals for themselves.

The power behind this powerful lunar phase is known to have influenced relationships and attitudes so strongly that people come together to start new moon rituals to stay focused.

Though we are not sure that these astrological practices will radically alter the course of your life, we encourage beginners to at least try out these steps to create rituals for their self-care and elimination of negative thoughts.

Note: I know these aren’t pictures of the new moon, but rather a crescent moon, but there is a lot to see with an actual new moon.

When is the Next New Moon?

phases of the moon

All times are in Mountain Time (-5)


  • July 27, 6:32 am
  • August 18, 8:41 pm
  • September 17, 5:00 am
  • October 16, 1:31 pm
  • December 14, 9:17 am


  • January 12, 10:00 pm
  • February 11, 12:06 pm
  • March 13, 3:21 am
  • April 11, 10:31 pm
  • May 11, 1 pm
  • June 10, 4:53 am
  • July 9, 7:16 pm

Components of a New Moon Ritual

Components of a New Moon Ritual

Research The New Moon

To begin with, it is important to know what astrological sign the new moon is in. Each month the moon goes from invisible, to full and then invisible again in a course of 28 days. Such phases give out different levels of energy, which last for a few days, before and after the event in a three day period. On each new moon you say farewell to the last phase and welcome the fresh one with renewed energy.

You can find out what sign the moon is in at any moment, including your birth, with a moon sign calculator.

New Moon Ritual Location

Finding the right spiritual place is really based on your intuition and where you are both physically and spiritually. Try to create a space where there are no interruptions and where you are completely at ease. Allow decorations like incense and lamps, with passage of time only when you are inspired enough and not in a hurry.

I like to do new moon celebrations outside under the new moon. If that isn’t possible or desirable, try to find a spot near a window where the new moon can shine in, however dim it may be.

Don’t let not having the perfect location stop you, anywhere you can have some privacy for yourself or your group is good.

new moon

Gather Your Moon Tribe

Sometimes I like to celebrate the moon cycles alone, other times I like to invite friends. Having a few friends to celebrate can deepen the ritual and add support.

There is the added bonus of accountability if you share your intentions and check in on each other.

Set New Moon Intentions

Try and limit the number of intentions to only those you can realistically complete, rather than setting impossible targets with large numbers you can’t even dream to fulfill.

As your trust muscle grows and you practice new moon rituals month after month, you can dream bigger and set more audacious intentions.

You may want to set intentions for a:

  • New moon ritual for manifestation
  • New moon ritual for clearing/cleansing 
  • New moon rituals for healing
  • New moon rituals for love
  • New moon rituals for money

The possibilities for rituals for the new moon are endless. 

List New Moon Intentions

The best way to express your new moon intentions is through handwriting, particularly during new moon times, when something authentic is to be recorded.

Writing it down does make a difference, so don’t skip this step. 

Keep a pen and a diary handy to write down your intentions as they come. This also allows you to look back on the ones you made previously.

A regular notebook works great, but if you want something a little more tailored to moon ceremonies, I like these guided journals:

The Moon Journal – uses the moon’s movement to connect readers with nature and encourage reflection on dreams, goals, relationships, and so much more. Filled with light informative astrological explanations and helpful prompts for guiding reflection based on the moon’s cycle, this journal invites readers to create change, set intentions, and manifest more in life. Also available on Amazon.

Moon Lists – Structured around the phases of the moon, this guided journal encourages weekly reflections through eighteen months worth of writing prompts and suggestions, with references to astrology, architecture, and art. A perfect gift for yourself or a friend, this beautifully designed journal helps expand all aspects of your creative, personal, and emotional self. Also available on Amazon.

Other New Moon Ritual Ideas

new moon celebrations

These rituals are performed during specific new moon phases to harness its power in order to achieve certain set goals of your own. These could relate to anything from romance to job opportunities and health.

Keep some talisman with you till the next new moon cycle as a feel good reminder. This could be any object like a doll, a ring, a crystal, or a pendant.

Based on your desire you can try out these new moon rituals:

New Moon Ritual For Job Opportunities

  • Light a green candle
  • On a sheet of paper make a detailed list of the type of job you are seeking. If you don’t know what the specific job is, list qualities you are looking for, such as “be my own boss,” “lots of creativity,” or “interesting and collaborative co-workers.”
  • Seal the sheet in a green envelope with the candle and place the envelope and candle where they can be seen at all times, perhaps on a moon alter (more on moon alters below). Or place it in one of these Intention Necklaces to keep in close at all times.
  • On the full moon, light the candle and burn the envelope and contents. You can manifest your dream job by setting your intentions on the two strongest days of the lunar calendar.

new moon ritual for job

New Moon Rituals for Relationships

  • Light three red candles
  • Sow some seeds in a small pot filled with dirt and toss a piece of rose quartz in the dirt.
  • Write a detailed list of things you are seeking in your romance on one side. On the
    reverse make a list of qualities you want in a partner.
  • Seal the paper in a red envelope.
  • Put the red envelope under your pillow or on your moon alter until your plant has grown large enough
    to be replanted outside or repotted as an indoor plant. (Or place it in one of these Intention Necklaces to keep in close at all times.)
  • Every time you pass by the plant or check on the envelope under the pillow, reflect on
    the blossoming of your new relationship.
  • Burn the envelope and bury the ashes when you replant or repot your plant.

New Moon Bath Ritual

  • Set your new moon bath with four white candles which symbolize the four corners of the compass.
  • Write four intentions for the month and place each under a candle.
  • I really like using Moon Bath Tea for my new moon bath ritual. You can also try adding white sage leaves and Himalayan sea salt to the bath. (You can also get it from Amazon)
  • Slide into the bath and relax for as long as you like.
  • Contemplate your intentions and picture them manifesting.

new moon bath ritual

Essential Oils for the New Moon

Whether you add essential oils to your bath (ones that are skin-safe, of course!) or diffuse them in a non-plastic essential oil diffuser, certain aromas are ideal for use during the new moon. 

  • Lavender — to aid in articulating wants and intentions
  • Clary Sage — to find clarity, expand our vision, and think big
  • Patchouli — to connect with higher self and aid in manifestation
  • Lemon — for intense focus during times of creativity

Create a New Moon Alter

Another fun and meaningful thing I like to do to during a new moon ceremony is create an alter. You can do this as part of a party or on your own. 

  • Find a space near a window or outside. (I choose a place that will be bathed in moonlight at the full moon as this alter serves all my moon alter needs).
  • Add items such as photos of loved ones, beloved items, crystals, or anything else you consider sacred or special.
  • Anything that reminds you of the moon or that you find beautiful belongs on an alter.
  • White and green candles add a nice touch. Use the candles from your job intentions or new moon bath.
  • I also add the envelopes with intentions to the alter before burning it.

I’d love to hear what other ideas you have to mark the new moon.