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Full Moon Rituals for Beginners (and everyone else!)

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Every month, sometimes twice a month, we have the opportunity to sync with the full moon and use its energy to aid in our own manifestations and releases. I hope this guide to full moon rituals for beginners, and everyone else, has some suggestions you can incorporate into your full moon celebration. 

full moon over forest

What Does the Full Moon Mean Spiritually or Energetically? 

If the new moon is a time to set intentions, the full moon is the time to reap the rewards. It’s a time of harvest and manifestation. 

The full moon is a time to recharge and renew. This is when we can release the things that are holding us back or no longer serve us. 

When the moon is at its brightest, it can be the best time for:

  • Harnessing energy for clearing and unblocking
  • Releasing what’s no longer serving 
  • Meditating 
  • Recharging (yourself or items)
  • Clearing chakras
  • Gaining Clarity

Components of a Full Moon Ritual

phases of the moon

Whether you choose to celebrate the full moon alone or gather with friends and family, what to do on a full moon has the some basic elements.

What’s important here, is that these are all just suggestions. You can let the full moon guide you to what feels right. Some months, I like to go all out with the full moon Wiccan rituals, other times I just take a moment to appreciate the moon and briefly reflect on the month. 


The best location for a full moon ritual for beginners, in my opinion, is outside in nature under the full moon. 

That’s not always practical. If you can be outside where you can see the moon, great. Or even inside near a window where the full moon can be viewed is good. 

Set Full Moon Intentions 

The full moon is less about setting intentions than it is releasing the things you no longer need (or never did). Still, I like to set intentions for the full moon ceremony. Most of the time, I prefer a general cleaning of myself and my space, and honoring of the moon, but sometimes I have more specific manifestations in mind.

You may want to set intentions for a:

  • Full moon ritual for manifestation
  • Full moon ritual for clearing/cleansing 
  • Full moon rituals for healing
  • Full moon rituals for love
  • Full moon rituals for money

The possibilities for rituals for the full moon are endless. 

You can also set your intentions for how you want your full moon rituals to play out – do you want to gather a group or have a solo experience? Do you want it to be cheerful and playful or more serious and reverent? There is no right answer. 

List Your Releases

Write down the things you are ready to let go of. You can also think of this as the things or people you plan to say no to. Writing it down does make a difference, so don’t skip this step. 

Maybe you want to clear out your wardrobe and get rid of the clothes that you no longer wear. 

Or a general decluttering of your home. 

It could be something bigger like a job or relationship that isn’t working. The full moon is a good time to begin the process of letting go of those things energetically and coming up with a plan to let them go in actuality. 

Other Full Moon Ritual Ideas

Now you have the basics of a full moon ceremony. Here are some other rituals for the full moon to add to the fun. 

full moon party

Throw a Full Moon Party

Sometimes full moon spiritual rituals are better with friends. If you are feeling like a group activity, invite your friends and family to gather on the full moon. A full moon party can be simple or elaborate. 

A few ideas: 

  • Build a fire outside and let its light honor the moon’s reflective light. We like to roast marshmallows whenever we have a campfire going, but you could also sing, recite poetry, or dance around the fire.
  • In lieu of a fire, a group of candles can serve the same purpose (except for marshmallow roasting).
  • Have everyone write what they want to release, or things they want to say no to, on a slip of paper. These can be shared with the group for accountability – or not – and then thrown into the fire. 
  • Take a group walk under the full moon and enjoy a “moon bath.”
  • Serve moon related foods and beverages. Sugar cookies that look like a full moon, orange slices, hard boiled eggs sliced in half…. you get the idea. A great cookbook for those who want their full moon menu to shine is Full Moon Suppers at Salt Water Farm. There is a different menu for each full moon of the year, taking seasonality into consideration to celebrate the lunar cycle.  



Full Moon Bath Ritual 

full moon bath tub

On those full moons when you’d rather focus inward and take time to reflect, a moon bath (in actual water) can be rewarding and renewing. 

  • Clean you tub and bathroom with water and vinegar and then purify the room with an organic sage smudge or palo santo.
  • Light clean-burning candles. 
  • Add epson salt, essential oils, flower petals, crystals or whatever you like to the bathwater. (keep reading for the best essential oils for the full moon). I love using the Full Moon Botanical Bath Tea from Moon Bath, but you could make your own. I also love Moon Bath’s Infused Salt
  • Slide into the tub and relax for as long as you like. 
  • This is an auspicious place to consider what you’d like to release during this lunar cycle. Something about being in the water tends to expand my mind and bring clarity. 
  • You can journal what you’ve come up with in the tub or right after. 



Essential Oils for the Full Moon

essential oils for the full moon peppermint

Whether you add essential oils to your bath (ones that are skin-safe, of course!) or diffuse them in a non-plastic essential oil diffuser, certain aromas are ideal for use during the full moon. 

Peppermint – for cleansing both energetically and physically, boosting energy, and alleviating stress 

Cedarwood– grounding, rooting, holding fast to your convictions, emotional balance

Ylang Ylang – for a deeper connection to yourself, releasing negative emotions

Bergamot –  for promoting feelings of confidence and strength, boosting feelings of self worth

Or try one of these blends. Mix the oils in the palm of your hand and rub onto the back of your neck and/or temples. Fort those with sensitive skin, rub on the bottom of your feet.

  • 3 drops of peppermint, 2 drops of cedarwood, and 1 drop of frankincense: to promote happiness and positive energy
  • 2 drops each frankincense, lime, peppermint, and wild orange: to stick with your intentions to say “no” to what is no longer working


Create a Full Moon Alter

full moon behind oak trees

Another fun and meaningful thing I like to do to during a full moon ceremony is create an alter. You can do this as part of a party or on your own. 

  • Find a space near a window or outside that will be bathed in moonlight.
  • Add items such as photos of loved ones, beloved items, crystals, or anything else you want to be cleansed and given a moon bath. Some people like to “charge” spiritual items in moonlight.
  • Anything that reminds you of the moon or that you find beautiful belongs on an alter.
  • Yellow or orange candles add a nice touch.
  • I also add my slip of paper with the things I am releasing to the alter before burning it.


I’d love to hear what other ideas you have to mark the full moon.