best home remedy for wrinkles is in this jar

Best Natural Anti Wrinkle Creams, Serums, and Products (that actually work)

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I try not to get too obsessed with looking young, but I do want to look healthy. While aging depends a lot on genetics and lifestyle choices, good natural anti wrinkle products can make a difference and lend a healthy glow.

A balanced diet, exercise, and sun protection are all essential for aging gracefully. A natural or organic anti aging routine is another important factor in taking care of your skin.

A lot of anti aging creams are filled with chemicals and toxins that can do as much harm as good. That’s why I chose a natural beauty routine to take care of my skin in a gentle, healthy way. I think you will find these products (both the kind you purchase and the kind you make) to be as wonderful as I do.

In this article, I will cover:

  • the best natural anti aging products
  • DIY anti wrinkle home remedies
  • do anti aging products really work?
  • the causes of wrinkles and other signs aging
  • lifestyle choices that keep you young looking

A woman using the Best Natural Anti Wrinkle Creams, Serums, and Products

Best Natural Anti Aging Products

Keep reading for background on what causes wrinkles and what lifestyle changes you can make to improve your glow, but let’s get to the fun part first – finding products with the best natural anti aging ingredients.

Equally important to me is using products from companies who are doing good things for the planet. I want natural ingredients for my own health, but I want to know that using these products isn’t harming the health of the planet.


Some of the best organic anti aging skin care comes from a company in Malibu, California.

Osea is owned by a mother and daughter team who aim to make the highest quality and most effective products with the least impact on the planet. Their products are non-toxic and free of synthetics. They are plant-based, vegan, and responsibly sourced.

OSEA Hyaluronic Sea Serum

Osea’s products are based in seaweed, which might sound strange at first, but it’s an awesome ingredient. Seaweed is dense with nutrients and contains powerful bioavailable minerals and nutrients that are readily absorbed and utilized to transform, nourish, and rejuvenate skin cells.

The seaweed is harvested off the coast of Patagonia by local collectives, who work to maintain a pristine ecosystem.

If I could choose only one natural anti aging cream it would be Osea’s Hyaluronic Sea Serum. It’s chock full of seaweeds and two sizes of hyaluronic acids. I mentioned above how seaweed benefits the skin and hyaluronic acid may be even more powerful.

Hyaluronic acid is a “naturally occurring polysaccharide derived from plants that binds moisture to skin,” according to Osea’s website. It holds many times its weight in water, deeply moisturizing your skin and leaving it looking plump, young, and beautiful. It truly is a miracle ingredient.

If I got two products, I would add Osea’s Atmosphere Protection Cream. It does just what it says – it protects your skin from the atmosphere. Think, aridity, wind, pollution, etc. It’s made with algae extract, avocado, lavender, macadamia seed oil, and shea butter, among other ingredients. It almost sounds like a smoothie.

If you want to try several of their products that deeply hydrate and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, consider trying Osea’s Age-Defying Set. It includes travel size versions of Ocean Cleansing Milk, Sea Vitamin Boost, Essential Hydrating Oil, and Advanced Protection Cream.

Buy Osea’s Hyaluronic Sea Serum, Osea’s Atmosphere Protection Cream, or Age-Defying Set.

Living Libations

I am in love with Living Libations for their essential oils and their body oils. Their natural anti aging products look good, feel good, and are good for the planet. Rose, Best Skin Ever My favorite is Best Skin Ever – Rose (though it comes in a variety of scents). The lovely thing about good natural anti aging oils is that they cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin at the same time. It’s seems counter intuitive that an oil would be cleansing, but it’s true.

There is no governing body for essential oils, so if you read that one is “therapeutic grade,” or Grade A,” or any other  terminology, it doesn’t really mean anything. Anyone can label their oils in that manner, regardless of how good their natural anti aging remedies are.

Living Libations is authentic and pure and distilled only from the named plant matter. Again, just because something says it is “organic peppermint,” doesn’t mean it even has peppermint in it. So, choosing Living Libation oils means that you get a high quality oil with only the named ingredients.

They’ve worked with artisan distillers and family farmers for over 20 years, ensuring the best oils that are the best for the planet.

The Rose Best Skin Ever oil is infused with rose otto oil, which helps with sagging and under hydrated skin. I notice an immediate moisturizing effect when I put it on in the morning. And it smells so good!

The Sandalwood version of the Best Skin Ever oil also smells delightful and is especially good for sensitive skin.

Living Libation’s All Season Serum is perfect for restorative moisture, protection from drying stressors, and anti aging effects thanks to: camellia, jojoba, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, immortelle, ylang, rockrose, verbena, fragonia, and lemon.

Buy Best Skin Ever – Rose or Best Skin Ever – Sandalwood.

One of the founders of Living Libations, Nadine Artemis, wrote a book about natural beauty, which includes anti aging home remedies as well as her philosophy on aging and beauty, plus lots of tips for looking great.

You can get Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance–Beauty Secrets, Solutions, and Preparations on Amazon or on the Living Libations site.

MyCHELLE Dermaceuticals

A friend turned me on to MyCHELLE Replenishing Solar Defense a handful of years ago and I have never looked back. I want a natural sunscreen, but most of them are so thick due to the mineral and zinc content. MyCHELLE glides right on and blends in. It also doesn’t irritate my eyes the way a lot of sunscreens do, no matter how careful I am with the application.

I love that it is reef safe and they have a history of caring about the planet. They are a founding member of the Environmental Working Group’s “Verified for Your Health” program, a PETA certified cruelty-free company, and certified by Leaping Bunny. 

All MyCHELLE products are vegetarian, cruelty-free, and free of phthalates, parabens, petroleum, sulfates, ureas, artificial fragrances, and colors.

They also have a line of natural anti aging products, which I can’t wait to try.

Buy their sun care products on their website or Amazon.

Tata Harper

Elixer Vitae from Tatra HarperTata Harper’s natural anti wrinkle cream is not cheap. In fact, it’s the most expensive in this article. But, it’s really, really good.

Tata Harper products are formulated, manufactured, and packaged on their farm in Vermont.

The Elixir Vitae is a natural anti aging serum that targets severe wrinkles, loss of firmness, dryness, and sagging. We aren’t just talking about fine lines, here. They say, “This multi-targeted formula includes 31 sources to minimize the look of severe wrinkles, 4 sources to volumize the look of skin, 11 sources of antioxidants, and 26 sources of plumping hydration.”

You can consider this an equivalent to a natural Botox or injectable. 100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 38% of the total ingredients are from organic farming and it’s COSMOS NATURAL certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

Another great natural wrinkle cream from Tata Harper is the Boosted Contouring Serum. It’s best for loss of firmness/ elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, and dryness. Orange blossom peptides and date palm extract encourage collagen production, while pomegranate extract traps moisture in the skin. You’ll look like you had a little face lift after applying it!

Buy Elixir Vitae or Boosted Contouring Serum.


Maybe the best natural wrinkle cream is the simplest. While I don’t think straight lanolin can deliver the same results as the other organic anti aging skin care products listed above, it’s definitely a low cost alternative.

Lanolin oil is a secretion from sheep’s skin. The oil protects the sheep’s wool and conditions it. This obviously is not vegan anti wrinkle cream.

Lanolin can hold twice its weight in water, which makes it a good base for the natural anti aging skin care products you can make at home. This moisture can plump the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkle and fine lines.

Lanolin is often used as a nipple cream for nursing mothers. 

Buy natural lanolin on Amazon.

Best Home Remedy for Wrinkles

If you prefer a homemade face moisturizer for aging skin to a purchased anti wrinkle remedy, you are in luck. Personally, I’d rather buy my anti aging products these days, but here are a couple DIY recipes I like when I am feeling crafty.

Everyone’s skin reacts differently. Please spot test a little of these homemade anti wrinkle cream, eye cream, and serums on a small area of skin before using.

These three recipes for natural remedies for aging skin share some of the ingredients, so you won’t have to buy a whole new set for each one.

I’ve listed the benefits of each ingredient at the bottom.

a woman holding an organic homemade anti aging serum

Homemade Anti Aging Serum

Are you wondering what the difference between a serum and a cream is? I thought I knew, but looked it up to be sure. Creams contain moisturizers such as petrolatum or mineral oil that keep water from evaporating (or in the case of the best natural anti wrinkle cream recipe below- the butters). Creams also contain more lubricating and thickening agents, like nut or seed oils.

Serums can penetrate the skin more quickly and deeply than moisturizers, so many people like the apply a nutrient rich serum before a moisturizing cream.

Now onto the recipe for my favorite homemade anti aging skin care serum. Make sure you purchase high quality essential oils.



Mix all ingredients in a glass dropper bottle like this one.

Apply morning and evening to a clean face, before moisturizing. A little goes a long way in this case, so you will only need a couple drops for your entire face and neck.

Homemade Anti Aging Cream

This homemade face cream for wrinkles really packs a punch with almond oil, coconut oil, ucuuba butter, vitamin E oil, shea butter, and a mix of soothing and healing essential oils.

It has a lot of ingredients, thus takes a bit of time to make, so I do a double batch and keep half in the refrigerator.



Put all the ingredients, except essential oils, in a mason jar or other glass jar. Put the jar in a few inches of water in a pot and bring to a boil. Let the water simmer until all the ingredients have melted and liquified. Mix with a metal spoon.

Pour mixture into a smaller glass jar, add essential oils, and mix. Leave it at room temperature, uncovered, until the lotion hardens, then cap the jar.

Store the cream in a cool, dark place and apply twice a day after washing your face.

best home remedy for wrinkles is in this jar

Homemade Eye Cream For Wrinkles

All homemade creams need to be gentle, but the ones you put around your eyes need to be even more gentle. This natural anti wrinkle eye cream will feel refreshing and soothing going on, and help with fine lines and add plumpness.



Melt the coconut oil in a small sauce pan or in a microwave. Once liquified, pour into a glass container and add the vitamin E and essential oils. Mix with a metal spoon. Let cool at room temperature and then cap and store in a cool, dry place.

Apply under your eyes and in the “crow’s feet” area with your ring finger, nightly.

Anti Aging Matcha Clay Mask

You can learn all about how this anti aging matcha clay mask works at Facial Clay Masks, along with the benefits of each ingredient.



Mix the dry ingredients in a glass or plastic bowl. Then add the wet ingredients and mix again.

Apply to face using your fingers or a face mask brush and let sit for around 10 minutes. Don’t let the mask dry out entirely. Remove mask with a face towel and warm to hot water.

Benefits of Natural Ingredients

Oils and Butters

Rose Hip Seed Oil moisturizes and brightens the skin thanks to vitamin C. It is antibacterial and can reduce skin pigmentation.

Almond Oil is chock full of vitamins: D, E, B1, B2, B6, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It diminishes wrinkles and firms the skin. It reduces dark circles under the eyes, and can reduce other dark spots and scars.

Vitamin E Oil is a strong antioxidant that prevents premature aging as well as promotes healing. Another benefit is that it helps keep your product from going rancid.

Coconut Oil is a moisturizer, antibiotic, multivitamin, multi-nutrient, and antioxidant.

Ucuuba Butter is high in vitamin C, which reverses DNA damage, and high in vitamin A, which can treat acne, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

Shea Butter is high in fatty acids (moisturizers) and vitamins. It is anti-inflammatory and can tone the skin.

anti aging essential oils

Essential Oils

Frankincense Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic, and antibacterial! It tightens the skin, balances pH, and evens skin tone. It can also reduce the appearance of scars and spots.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil helps smooth skin and assists with cell regeneration. It can help fade scars and improve the tone of aging skin.

Geranium Essential Oil tones skin by evening out the distribution of melanin and regenerates skin.

Cypress Essential Oil is antibacterial, anti-infectious, and anti-microbial. It improves circulation and strengthens blood capillaries. Cypress oil is especially good for varicose veins and broken capillaries.

Sandalwood Essential Oil is antiseptic and astringent. It can help reduce the appearance of imperfections. Sandalwood gently exfoliates, helps fade scars, and moisturizes and tones with mild astringent action.

Do Anti Aging Products Really Work?

Yes, they do! Natural anti wrinkle remedies do work. They aren’t a substitute for living a healthy lifestyle or being born with awesome skin genetics, but they can make a difference.

I’ll talk about this in the “what to look for section,” but retinol (or retinol-like ingredients) can increase cell turnover, build collagen, improve discoloration, lessen treat wrinkles by replenishing the body of vitamin A.

Antioxidants repair and heal mature skin (yay for those of us nearing 50!).

Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin and hydrates.

The Causes of Wrinkles and Other Signs of Aging

Clearly the root cause of wrinkles, sun spots, saggy skin, and thinning skin is aging. We want to age – the alternative is not good- we just don’t want to look like it.

Wrinkles and fine lines appear when collagen and elastin in the skin breakdown. Elastin and collagen keep the skin looking smooth by providing support and firmness. After age 20, our bodies produce 1% less collagen each year. As collagen decreases and elastin breaks down, the skin loses its elasticity and strength.

Time passes for all of us and as it does our skin become less plump and thinner. Skin sags and wrinkles form. Fortunately, the best natural anti aging cream can help with the plumping and fine lines.

As we get older, our skin produces less sebum, or oil, leaving skin looking dull and feeling dry and papery. A decrease in estrogen production around menopause and a decrease in circulation, adds to aging process.

Genetic and environmental factors also play a role in the obvious signs of aging. We can’t do much about the genetics, but we can live a lifestyle that makes us less prone to looking old. 

a woman looking in the mirror and using all natural anti aging cream

Lifestyle Factors for Looking Young

Fortunately, intrinsic aging happens slowly and is less obvious than signs of aging from external factors – the ones we can control. An organic anti aging cream can help to some degree, but it’s better to avoid these cause of visible aging altogether.


You already know how bad smoking is for your health. Nicotine causes a narrowing of the blood cells in the most outer layer of your skin which depletes your skin of oxygen and nutrients leading to saggy, wrinkly skin. Repeatedly pursing your lips to take a drag off a cigarette causes “straw lines” or “purse lines” around your lips.

Sun Exposure

We need some sun exposure to manufacture vitamin D in our body, but too much causes skin damage, sun spots, and possibly cancer. A natural sunscreen, like the ones included in the natural beauty routine below, along with a hat and protective clothing, goes a long way to preserving your youthful skin.

According to this study, the sun is responsible for up to 80% of wrinkles, or photoaging, in Caucasians.

So, put on your sunscreen, hat, and long sleeve shirt for youthful skin.


Not only is how much you sleep important, but how you sleep. Sleep is the time when our body repairs damage from the day. We all know how we look when we don’t get enough sleep. Ugh.

Sleeping on your back, rather than your face, will help prevent wrinkles from forming while you rest.  The Face Up Pillow will keep you on your back at night and help your face stay smooth. The Save My Face Pillow works for side or back sleepers.

organic anti aging cream on a woman holding a grapefruit


A healthy balanced diet shows up on your skin. Be sure to incorporate amino acids from proteins, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and lots of nutrients.

Proper hydration is also a key factor for plump, dewy skin as it flushes out free radicals and toxins. I advise hydrating from both the inside and out.

The 8-Week Healthy Skin Diet by Karen Fischer has 100 recipes for beautiful skin.


When your body is dealing with anxiety or stress, it can’t take care of “less important” functions like maintaining healthy skin. Get plenty of rest, meditate, exercise, have a dance party in your kitchen — your skin will thank you for managing stress.

Everything you need to know about natural anti-aging and anti wrinkle products: which work the best for fine lines, deep lines, saggy skin, and more. Plus, three recipes to make your own anti-aging creams and serums. Everything you need to know about natural anti-aging and anti wrinkle products: which work the best for fine lines, deep lines, saggy skin, and more. Plus, three recipes to make your own anti-aging creams and serums.